Why I'm no longer plantbased and why I can't wait to go back


Alright. Don't attack me, but I'm no longer plantbased.

In May I made a couple of mistakes and ate pizza. And as a result I got stomachaches again like you wouldn't believe, but I was greedy. So, that was my first thing. Then I had two hamburgers in I THINK August and I was disgusted by myself and by the taste. But I was craving it so bad! To the point where I would look at hamburgers online, I kid you not. Veggie burgers just weren't cutting it for me at that moment and I had one with my mother. Felt disgusted and my body felt gross, but lo and behold, a few weeks later I had another one with my friend. I had to jump out of the car, because I almost threw up and I spit it out right in the parking lot. I'll tell you, the other people in the parking lot got one disgusting show.

So, those are my own mistakes, right? A result of weakness. Now let me tell you about what happened afterwards and why I no longer get to call myself plantbased and why my body is slowly starting to feel like crap again.

I got ill. Yes. Deborah Abigail, who hardly ever gets ill, got seriously ill. Back in August the stomachaches that I've had since I was about 19 got really bad. Normally I'd have them just after I ate cheese or just randomly, but not very often. Probably a couple of times a week for the past years I've had to stop what I was doing to breathe through the pain, but I could handle that. I've also been anaemic since my 20th. But like I said, the pains got really bad in August. At first I thought it was, because there were some family emergencies and I was really upset. But, no. I went to the doctor at the beginning of October and they said I had an infection since my CRP results were about 50, but it was nothing really bad so they sent me home. I came back a couple of days later and they sent me to the emergency room, because my doctor was afraid I'd have appendicitis. At that point I was feeling much better, but they still wanted to check me out. After lots of tests, they sent me home, because I told them I was feeling better. I still had high CRP results, but nothing crazy so it was fine. Went home, and for the upcoming two weeks I felt like shit. And then it ALL WENT DOWN. Around the 19th of October my stomachaches got even worse so I went back to my doctor and my CRP results were 150. I had to go back to the hospital and they made me stay there for one night. I really didn't want to be there so I told them I was feeling much better and the next morning I got to go home.


I had to drink this entire jug before I got an MRI that showed all the infected places.

That was one a Friday I think. My birthday was on that Sunday on the 23rd of October. I spent the entire weekend throwing up, not eating (though I hadn't been eating well for two months, I literally could not eat. I tried so hard because I was starving, but I could not physically eat), lying in bed feeling sorry for myself and just feeling horrible. On Monday I called the hospital and they had me come in. I could barely walk and my CRP levels were even higher. They scheduled an appointment for me with the colon doctor for that Wednesday, got on the scale there and I had lost 26,5 pounds in two months, most of which I lost in the last two weeks. My CRP levels at this point were 269. I was admitted to the hospital again and I had to stay there for a week.

Turns out... I have Crohn's disease. And this disease gave me a horrible infection with pus and stuff in my large and small intestines and my appendix. The doctor's were really shocked and they almost made me have surgery. It was actually kind of scary. Which is strange, because I never get scared.

That was a long story. The point of it is... the doctor's called me a refeeding patient. I was so low in nutrients that I had to be refed nutrients through an IV and they even told me that the reason why I was THIS nutrient deprived was, because I was plantbased. They wanted to be start eating dairy again and eating chicken, because I needed to protein asap. Clearly, I did something wrong with the whole plantbased thing. I thought I had researched enough, but my blood results indicated that I didn't.

Hospital selfie. Look at that sexy hospital face.
Now here's the reason why I can't wait to go back. Even after everything that happened I still felt my best while I was plantbased. I am eating meat again and I am eating cheese and drinking milk, and while my body is healing from the impact of getting ill, I don't feel good. Most of it has to do with the medication they gave me and I have to take until the 29th of December, but a large part also has to do with diet. I don't like eating animal products. It makes my body feel horrible and I can't stop thinking about the torture these animals are going through, I can't stop thinking about what it's doing to the planet. All the reasons why I went plantbased are still there. So, once I stop taking this medication I am going back, only this time I will research even more and I will take care of my body better. Now I don't know if I will never eat chicken again or I will swear off pizza forever, I might still do so when I visit my family and they've cooked. I am quite terrified of being nutrient deprived after my hospital stay...

So there you have it folks, that was my year of my on and off relationship with a plantbased life style. I can't wait to turn it back on.

My view from the hospital. At least I had this going for me ;) 

All my love,


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