Update: Going Vegan + what I ate today


Alright, let's do this.

It's been about three months since I shared that I was going plantbased. And I have to say, I absolutely love it. Here are some reasons why: I have so much more energy, I haven't had a stomachache in about a month (more on that later), there's no bloating happening, I feel lighter on my feet, my clothes feel loser, I have lost a little bit of weight, my skin is much better (I've never had bad skin but it is more clear) and I just feel better. Everything is so much better.

This is all really well and good, but I have had some challenges... At first I got really into the vegan community on the internet. Wow, people are mean. Honestly, you would think that being against animal cruelty people would be against human cruelty as well. I haven't experienced any hostility towards me, but towards others...? It's intense. After about two weeks I quietly backed out of that community and just focused on my own things and the plant based people who aren't rude af. Next to that community... my family and friends. When I first told my parents and siblings their facial expressions were almost as if I told them I was anorexic. They were so concerned. My mother has since almost jumped on board. She doesn't crave meat as much and mostly eats along with me. And she's never been much of a dairy lover. However, she does still eat meat if she eats along with my father and brother, or when we're out. My father doesn't really notice anymore and just wants me to do what makes me feel good. At family parties he even cooks Surinam food for me without meat, even the gravy he cooks without any animal products. I love him. My brother on the other hand still doesn't really understand it and sometimes tries to get me to eat meat or pizza. Not gonna happen, bruh. And then there's my sister. She lives on her own, but has expressed her concern and her disapproval of the plantbased lifestyle. Which is alright, she's come to terms with it and that's all I can ask. So those are the four most important people in my life. The rest of my world (i.e. extended family and friends) are somewhat okay with it. Lots of people think it's fine and don't really care, but there are also a lot who don't get it and think I'm being dumb for choosing to live like this. It's annoying and exhausting having to keep sticking up for myself, but also for the environment and animals and human health.

Another challenge I've had to deal with is cheese. As I found out fairly quickly after I started on this journey is that my stomachaches have gone away. I used to get horrible stomachaches to the point of curling up into a ball and nearly crying because of the pain. I've had this for as long as I can remember, my mother dragged me to the doctor's office for stomach issues more times than I can recall. The pain has completely gone away. Unless I ate cheese. In my last post I mentioned that I love pizza and cheese. And I did. I loved pizza and cheese. And at times I would eat a pizza or some sort of cheesy snack, especially melted cheese did it for me. The pain I got seemed even worse than before, probably because I didn't eat it as much. Next to the pain, I was always filled with guilt because I know how this cheese is made and the suffering that has gone into it. Were those 15 to 20 minutes of eating cheese worth my pain? Was it worth the cow's pain? Definitely not. And so I think I had my last pizza with cheese made from animals a month ago.  AND! I found this epic pizza at our local organic grocery store which is, well, epic. So it's all good.

Another challenge? I've craved meat for the first two months. I've craved it so badly that I gave into it maybe four times. I can honestly say that I haven't had meat in 1.5 months, but I have had a little bit in the first two. And it wasn't a meat feast or anything of the sort, but still. Again, I felt disgusting afterwards because of the taste and texture, the way it made me feel (bloated, nauseous, stomachache) and because of the cruelty.

Aaaand another: I have struggled with anaemia for about three to four years now, to the point that I went to bed at 7PM, woke up at 9AM and had naps during the day. It was intense. The first two weeks I felt horrible. Every time I stood up I was dizzy, I was sleepy all through out the day, lightheaded, just terrible. And if you experience this as well, let me give you this bit of advice: take some iron supplements (I used Floradix) for about a week and you will feel better. I took it for about a week and then stopped and felt so much better. The reason I used iron supplements was because I simply couldn't get through the day and needed something extra. Right now, I haven't felt more energised in years without any supplements, so stick with it.

So, yes. It's been very difficult, I didn't realise that I literally had to go through a withdrawal from animal products. However, it's been so worth it.

This is already a much longer post than I wanted it to be. Soz. But here's a quick what I ate:

I started my day out with a smoothie. Here I have one plumb, one banana, a
mixture of berries, mango, and spinach. As my liquids I used light soy milk
and some orange juice. It was so creamy. It was delicious. So good. So, so good. 

And then I had this tortilla soup with toasted tortillas. I made this for dinner
yesterday, so I just had this for lunch. I can't get over how delicious this is.It's
a recipe by Hot For Food and like to take a moment to than Lauren for sharing
this soup with us. It has enriched my life. Which is dramatic, but completely
true! Only difference? I didn't have any sage and I added oregano and some
harissa sauce. So good.
I went to eat a friend's house the other day and she cooked this. It was so good
I had to eat it again and made it at home, but with a little twist. I cooked some
couscous and in a separate pan I cooked a can of chickpeas with some sunflower oil,
garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Then I added in some raisins and
spinach. Once the spinach cooked down I added a little splash of soy sauce.
Originally the recipe called for just couscous, chickpeas, spinach, raisins, oil,
and one clove of garlic. Again: so good.

I also ate a banana and a plumb and I'm sure I will eat something else tonight (probably some popcorn), but for now this is it! 

Thanks for reading! 

xo Deb

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