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I love to cook. But it has only been about 10 months since I actually started cooking. When I was little I used to help my dad with dinner and I absolutely loved it, it was my time with dad and I could get my hands dirty. He thought me all about Surinam cooking (I'm half Surinam, a beautiful country in South-America), which is nice because it's basically a mixture of Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Dutch and African. I love it. But as I grew older I slowly started to despise cooking, I wanted to do more of my own thing and because I'm a perfectionist who gives up when things aren't going perfectly (lovely personality trait, I know) I just stopped. But then I got older and my mother hates to cook and my father, bless him, works late and when he comes home he starts cooking Surinam food. I also suffer from a condition called hangriness. I get really hangry when I have to wait to eat. And also, and I'm sure a lot of you people feel the same way I do, when you eat something a lot it starts to get boring, am I right? So I decided to start cooking again. My mothers loves me more for it and my father loves having someone to talk spices, simmer times and wine pairings with.

So here we go, my go to recipes that me and my family love to munch on time and time again. Let's start with Pinterest, the most amazing place on the Internet (next to Netflix, let's be real). Disclaimer: I love chicken, I try to not eat red meat.

These are Greek lemon chicken skewers. It also has a recipe for a tzatziki sauce but I haven't made that yet. Good grief, these are so delicious. I'm actually making them tonight. They're super easy to make and if you get the chicken to not dry out (it's a challenge, at least it was for me) it's even better! They are so incredibly flavourful, the combination of garlic, lemon and red wine vinegar is to die for, who knew?! Try these out for an easy dinner with some potatoes on the side, perhaps a little salad? I'm having them with some roasted courgette, tomatoes and bell peppers tonight!

Mediterranean roasted chicken breasts with tomatoes and cannellini beans. This gives me life. No but really, it does. It's packed with nutrients, it has lots of protein, lots of fiber, vitamine C, iron. Just make it. Do it for your body, make the chicken. It also has curry powder, so maybe if you're stomach can't handle it, don't make it. In my case however, the curry powder makes it so much better, it completely changes the game. It owns the game. Plus the sweetness of the tomatoes and the sourness of the lemon gives the curry powder a kick in the right direction. It's like a champions league finale and they (pick a club, any club, I choose Ajax Amsterdam) only need one goal to win the competition. So, the tomatoes kick the ball from one side of the field to the other side of the field and it lands onto the chest of the lemon, the lemon completely in control of the ball run forward, pass the defenders, and when the time is right kicks the ball pass towards the goalie fully trusting on the timing, expertise and flavour of the curry powder who bicycle kicks it straight pass the goalie into the net. Make the dish, please?

If you don't already know who the Domestic Geek is, please go over to her channel right now and be blown away. I love her attitude, she's sassy and hilarious and she really knows what she's talking about. Every recipe I have tried has been a huge succes. My personal favourite? Her chili. 

I've only ever made the first one of these three and that's the classic chili. Oh. My. Goodness. I love it, my family loves it, we go bananas over this chili. I usually make a big pot so we can eat it on the day of and the next day as well. Yum. I just have two minor things: one being that I think the chili powder in the Netherlands is way spicier than the one in America and Canada, I'm saying this because as a family who eats spicy food on a regular basis and don't mind it at all... I used two tablespoons of chili powder and it was incredibly spicy, almost too spicy to eat. Almost. It was too good to not eat it, it was worth the third degree burns on my tongue. The second thing is that I use ground chicken in stead of ground beef. It doesn't make THAT much of a difference, the chili has so much flavour that it really doesn't matter which meat you use. 
I love to make this chili on Sunday when I've gone or am about to go to church and relax at night with a nice bowl of chili and a lovely episode of whatever. It's so good. You can use whatever beans you want. I normally go for chili beans and kidney beans, but the last time I made this I used kidney beans and black beans. Totally different flavour, and I think even more delicious. Also, it's packed with nutrients, bring on the iron, Lord knows I need it! 

The last recipe I want to share with you all is her Italian stuffed peppers. I love cooked or roasted bell peppers, they are a couple of my favourite vegetables, packed with flavour and vitamin C. And who doesn't love vitamin C? I live in The Netherland and we don't have Italian sausage, or at least I've never seen it and google tells me to just make something myself. So I used this recipe.  Though I substitute ground turkey for either ground beef or ground chicken. I really don't know what to say about this recipe other than it's SO good. This is my fathers personal favourite and he asks for it a lot. It's delicious and in my opinion guilt free. I love cheese, but the facts say unhealthy, so I have come up with a technique that makes it healthy. I simply choose to believe that it's healthy and go on with my life. The body doesn't know. A little tip when making this: don't overcook your peppers, it will not hold the stuffing!  

So start playing some Norah Jones and get cooking! 



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  1. There are some fantastic recipes here. I find it can be very easy to get stuck in a rut with food and you end up eating the same thing every day. I love to try new things and there's some great starting points here. Will definitely have to keep checking back for more foody ideas!

    Kat x

    1. Yes! I completely get what you mean. I LOVE food, but sometimes I'm just too lazy and end up making what I always make and then being cranky the whole day because it didn't satisfy me. Thanks for reading! I'll make sure to post more recipes! xo


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