Going vegan


Yes, you read the title right. I think I've mentioned wanting to become a vegan in my post on what I ate one day, but I've decided to actually go through with it a couple of days ago. There are many reasons as to why I want to be vegan, the two main reasons are the fact that I'm against animal cruelty (I will likely change my cosmetics in the upcoming year as well) and health reasons. If you don't understand what I mean by those two things, please do watch every vegan documentary on Netflix if you're interested or watch documentaries on YouTube. I loved Forks Over Knives. They are so clear with their studies, tests and their explanations, especially for people (like me) who don't know much about it.

Better get used to colours!
I've found it really hard. I haven't craved dairy such as milk or cheese, but I know I will soon enough. I love pizza (with cheese) and in Almere (where I live now) it's really difficult to find vegan cheese, but I will try to find some. I also love yoghurt and milk. The idea grosses me out, but I love the taste and texture. However, like I said, I haven't craved any of that just yet. Another thing I love is chicken. I can handle not having beef, lamb, or any other kind of meat because I haven't ever been much of a meat eater, but I love chicken. I previously decided to just keep on eating chicken, but today as I was stuffing my face with chicken nuggets I couldn't help but feel guilty and like a cheat. That's the reason I've decided to try to not eat chicken, but let's say if someone cooked me a meal with chicken in it or if I craved some REALLY bad I wouldn't be too hard on myself if I cheated once in a while. And who knows, hopefully in time I will stop eating chicken all together.

My family are huge meat eaters. They love it. And they love any other form of animal products as well, to wear (leather) and to eat. This is part of the reason why I slipped up a lot in previous attempts to become just a vegetarian. I feel differently now though, I've done my research, I've bought my own groceries, I've pinned the shit out of vegan recipes. Both new recipes and vegan substitute recipes. Plus, I will be moving back to Amsterdam by myself in February/March so I get to decide what I bring into my apartment.

I'm already on the verge of a break down. I need a good vegan pizza option now. This is one of many pizza photos on my computer. Good grief, I love pizza. 

I'm so incredibly excited about this and it feels so right. I will keep you guys updated on my discoveries and my "transition", and also on my move. If you are vegan and have any tips or recipes, or just any comments, please let me know. Lord knows I need all the help I can get. And even if you're not vegan! My mother told me today in the grocery store as I was looking for dairy free milk: "I don't understand it, but I will support you.", how amazing?

I'll be posting either an outfit of the day or face of the day this week, btw. So keep your eyes out for that!

AND NO I will not turn into Freelee the bananagirl. Even though I do love bananas.



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  1. Ga je naar Amsterdam :O het moeilijkste lijkt mij toch kaas. Zonder vlees zou ik nog wel kunnen, als er maar kaas is. Is soja kaas zo moeilijk verkrijgbaar? :O

    1. Hahaha ja! Ik ben er nu druk mee bezig. Ik zal je nog wel alles vertellen deze week! Ik doe dit nu sinds woensdag en heb gelukkig nog geen craving gehad voor kaas. Heel apart, want ik houd echt ontzettend veel van kaas. Had gister een pizza gemaakt zonder kaas, was eigenlijk heel lekker. Maar ik vertel je alles nog wel hahaha xo


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